46mm Image Circle For
Full-frame Coverage

Focal lengths range from 14mm to
85mm, covering super wide angle to
portrait focal lengths.

Fast aperture T1.9 for soft bokeh

Ultra-Low Chromatic Aberration

Micro-Contrast Control

No Visible Focus Breathing

Drop-in Filter Mount

Sony E and Canon RF mount
versions of the lens feature a
drop-in filter.This allows you to
put in rear VND and other types
of filters

Matched Primes From 14-85mm

All NiSi Athena Prime lenses are similar in
weight. They do not require rebalancing on a
gimbal when switching between Athena lenses.

300° Focus Rotation

Fluorescent focal scales for
precise focus pulls.

Create Macro Effects

Using with NiSi Close-up lens
and reduce the minimum
focusing distance